Pristine intpertations

Pristine, lucid and clear are the words that come to mind while listening to Grigory Sokolov‘s  performaces on  his release on  OPUS 111 40-9104 CD. The Scriabin third Sonata is a personal favorite and Sokolov brings it off with his usual flair and conviction.

However, it is Sergei Prokoviev 8th Sonata that impresses me most. I have always found the last two Prokofiev Sonatas difficult to understand.  There are quitea number of recordings of this work but none have ever given me the impression that the pianist understands the work.

Sokolov, on the other hand, convinces me that the work as something to say. The music is all familiar to me but Sokolov makes it speak with a new clarity. This is  alive performance a well, though you would never know it.The audience is completel silent.I didn’t hear one cough or any other audience noise untiil the applause at the end. This tells me that this audience was completely captivated by Sokolov’s playing.

While writing this I’ve listened to it twice over and the playing has left me smilng. Sokolov captures the wit and dry humour in Prokoviev’s writing perfectly.

I think I’ve discovered the other half of this recording! This one is well worth buying!

MaXqUE, the record Jacket Historian.


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